Universal Time Frame



A Universal Time Frame is a mathematical chart set out in accordance with the position of Earth in relation to the position of the Sun in Space.


The Time Frame is a virtual circle drawn in Space around the Earth, not marked upon the Earth, Time does not rotate with or upon the Earth.


Starting with a straight line, drawn between the centre of the Sun and the centre of the Earth, to mark the Meridian Line, days are measured by the number of times one place, on the surface of Earth, rotates past the fixed position of the Meridian line.

A calendar day starts at midnight, so the measurement of days must start at Midnight, the International Dateline must be re-set at 0°L. to start at midnight on all computers, mobiles, radios, Televisions, Banks and Businesses, to set a Universal Date and Time everywhere, with no change at all to the scale of Time or the instruments that measure it.

Times and Dates are marked on the Time frame according to the fixed position of the Meridian which marks the Summer Solstice at 12.00hrs, directly opposite the Winter Solstice at 00.00hrs, the Spring Equinox at 06.00hrs and the Autumn Equinox at 18.00hrs.

Everywhere on Earth rotates past the fixed position of every second of every day of every year marked on the Time Frame.

The following example shows the position of the Time Zones at midnight at the start of a day. Each Zone points to the hour of the day at that location.



















The Time frame marking an annual Rotation as shown below, shows the position of 0° Longitude at Midwinter/Midnight on December 21 nine days prior to the start of a year.


Midwinter/midnight is always directly opposite Midsummer/midday when the dates are configured in the circular format of a rotation, clearly showing that Midwinter/Midnight falls on a different date and time in every Time Zone as the year progresses.


The Time is a fixed circular measurement set around the rotating movement of every place on Earth.
































When the rotations are viewed within these fixed Time frames (clocks), as shown above, one account of Time is set by the day, in accordance with the natural progression of the Seasons, as determined by Earth Orientation.


There has to be an equal number of days in each half of the Arctic day/night cycle. December 31st has to be eliminated, to mark 364days in each yearly rotation, making an equal number of whole days in each quarter/Season, an equal number of whole weeks in a year, and an equal number of whole days in a week. Every date, such as a birthday, will then fall on the same day of the same week of the same month every year.


To chart Earth Orientation at the Meridian a chart comprised of straight lines is applied to two circles, representing both sides of Earth, as shown below. This configuration shows the Latitudes, Terminator and Meridian Line converted to straight lines.


The ground path of the Meridian is at a right angle to the Terminator marking the shortest day (midwinter) on the Tropic of Cancer, the longest day (midsummer) on the Tropic of Capricorn, with the Spring and Autumn Equinoxes on opposite sides of the Equator, marking the two places where the Terminator divides the day/night cycle equally throughout the annual rotation.

The measurement of Time over Distance calculates the speed of each rotation. The distance around the Latitudes increases by degrees from zero at the Poles up to 360 around the Equator. The overall speed is 11.5379mph.

To calculate the speed of the ground at any given latitude, multiply the number of the degree, counting from zero at the Poles up to 90 at the Equator, by 11.5379mph.

Lat.    01 x 11.5379mph = 11.5379mph around the Poles

Lat. 23.5 x 11.5379mph = 271.74mph  around the Arctic Circles

Lat. 66.5 x 11.5379mph = 767.27mph  around the Tropics

Lat. 66.5 up to Lat. 90    = 767.27mph + one Jolt over a distance of 0.989 degrees longitude throughout the Tropics.















When the Celestial Time Frames are converted from circles to straight lines, and placed on a chart of Latitudes and Longitudes, it allows navigators to chart the speed and direction of vehicles and ships in miles, and or Degrees per hour, when moving in any direction across the surface of Earth.


Aviators do not travel upon the Earth, so the speed and direction of the ground below them is of vital importance.


When the Speed chart is applied to the Ground Path of the Meridian it shows that where and when the Earth changes direction daily, on the Tropic of Cancer at midnight/midwinter and on the Tropic of Capricorn at midday/midsummer, the speed of the rotation is at 767.27mph. Here the change in direction is so fast it causes a magnetic compass to re-align with a jerk, (referred to as a geo-magnetic jerk), confusing navigators, and redirecting wind and water pressure, abruptly changing weather conditions, making it impossible for pilots to keep control of ships and low flying aircraft. 


Being that these changes are cyclical they can now be avoided. Hitherto aviators could not avoid the sudden invisible turbulence directly in their flight path. The Nevada Triangle is an example of the effects known to occur over land where wind turbulence is generated to a greater degree by mountainous terrain at this point in time.


Currently Time is not set according to the Gregorian Calendar set down in 1582.

Time Zone settings count two days at a time on maps, but not on Calendars.

Leap days add one day to the length of a year so that following years start a day late according to the Calendar.


It takes 120yrs to add a month, so that following years start a month late. 120yrs is not within living memory so in the past it went unnoticed. Since meteorological records have been kept the incorrect date is said to provide evidence of Climate Change, of Global Warming when May starts a month late in June, or a new Ice Age when November starts a month late in December due to the fact that the Calendar does not measure the precise length of each yearly rotation.


An accurate measurement of Time quantifies the speed and direction of the Earth’s movements in Space.


It allows scientists to work in real Time for Climate research, with predictable times and places at which changes naturally occur.


It can be factored into global studies of ocean currents, wind velocity and direction, migratory wildlife, etc; to educate and improve understanding of the forces of nature.

Above all it is the first step in establishing chronological Order across the Internet, whereby Fair Trade Practices will fall into place automatically putting an end to the Trade Wars that incite and hide Cyber Crime.


Even now as I write, a tsunami has wiped out part of Indonesia’s coastline with Reports of no known volcanic eruptions or any other possible causes to account for it. There is no doubt it happened as a consequence of the abrupt change of direction at high speed at that Time and place. People could have been warned days before had they been given this information.


In America an app is available to give a warning of impending earthquakes, from measurements of Earth tremors on the West Coast facing the Pacific Ocean, the largest and most destructive body of water pressure on the planet. The warning might only be a few seconds before it strikes but even this is believed to trigger a reaction that might save many lives.


Synchronised clocks and watches allowed the first Rail Roads to operate according to a time table set down within one Time Zone.


International Airlines require the date to be synchronised in order to operate a time table covering greater distances over longer periods of time.


Travel Agents and Airlines need the Calendar Clock to measure Time over long distances to simplify the calculation of Departure and Arrival Times. The Calendar Clock can be developed as a clock or a watch or an app and used to keep account of the Time and Date whenever and wherever people have a need of it.


I made the original prototype with three cardboard discs rotated by hand to set the Time Zones according to the time on my watch and the Date on the Calendar. Manufactured in this way it replaces conventional calendars, with the added advantage of showing the time of day in every Time zone and the Time of Year according to the Seasons anywhere on Earth. 


Later I aligned the Date and Time frames to fix and synchronise the Time and Date, with just one disc of the earth rotating upon it.


Finally I had identified the time and place at which geo-magnetic jerks occur, making the Calendar Clock the ultimate chart for safe navigation at sea and in the air.

The transition from UTC to Universal Date and Time, UDT, requires minimal changes to be made, without disrupting current Time schedules, which can be implemented simply by issuing accurate notifications of  times and dates, online, within each Time Zone.


The following diagram converts the curvature of the Earth to straight lines over two 12hr periods on consecutive days, failing to account for the hours of darkness. It was devised to convert the measurement of distance from degrees to miles for navigation at sea in the absence of landmarks. Due to a lack of understanding it has since been used to set and keep the Time on the Longitudes, on clocks and watches, over two 12hr periods on consecutive days, rotating in opposite directions, counting from Midday to Midnight, marking two dates at the same time at 180 degrees, the halfway mark defined as the International Dateline.

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